Barrow Starmane

A young human mage.


He posses magic which is rare in this world.
He joined a party to venture to the dwarven city of Ammuu.

Mage armor

Summon a arcane shield around the target.


Barow reflects his nightmares onto the target. The target takes damage and is feared.

seeds of fire

Injecting seeds into the target. The seeds will slowly grow, making them hurt the target. The target will take damage over time, a little amount at first but will increase every turn until the seeds bloom which causes a fire explosion.


Born from a family of proud and successful warriors. He is the only one to wield magic. Kept secret by the family. He went into training by an old mage. having only one goal in mind for his adventure. He goes together with a military escort to the dwarven city of Ammuu.

Barrow Starmane

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